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New Artwork!

Recent oil paintings on 9 x 12″ boards. They show the living dead, as they surround us everyday. Nice to paint with colors again. The originals are for sale over on our Etsy store. See more artwork at our sketchbook page.


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Frank A.’s latest comic book, Unemployed in Ocean Beach, is a collection of drawings depicting scenes around the neighborhood of Ocean Beach in San Diego, California. It’s available on our Etsy store, or on the shelves over at Galactic Comics.


Rudy McBacon comic book art

Who is Rudy McBacon?

Rudy McBacon is a fictional minor league ball player. He is also a superhero, monster slayer, Allied soldier, Old West gunhand, community service volunteer, post-apocalyptic scavenger, and intergalactic drunk.

The Legend of Rudy McBacon is a self-published comic book series created by Frank A. and Derek O. Eight issues were written, drawn and published between 2004-10, printing only a few hundred copies of each issue. #1 and #2 have since sold out.

Rudy McBacon Enterprises had a small press table at the San Diego Comic-Con from 2005-10. Old photos show the McBacon crew mingling with other comic book artists, horror movie icons, costumed attendees and fellow comic book geeks.

Nowadays we work on many diverse art projects, but we still occasionally post new Rudy McBacon stuff on the sketchbook page.

We welcome any feedback/questions:


Rudy McBacon comic book art

Rudy McBacon sketchbook