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Taco Tuesday

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Here’s a time lapse photo gif showing one of my recent paintings. Charcoal drawing, then oil paints on a 8 x 10″ canvas. This is my favorite spot for fish tacos and beer.


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My latest comic book, Unemployed in Ocean Beach, is a collection of drawings around the neighborhood. It’s available at our online comics store, or on the shelves over at Galactic Comics.


Rudy McBacon comic book art

Who is Rudy McBacon?

The Legend of Rudy McBacon is a self-published comic book created by Frank A. and Derek O. Eight issues of the comic were printed between 2004 and 2010, chronicling the adventures of a minor league ballplayer, superhero, monster slayer, Allied soldier, Old West gunhand, community service activist, post-apocalyptic scavenger, and intergalactic drunk. There is still a lot of ambitious rhetoric about putting together the long-awaited ninth issue, but so far only a few preliminary outlines exist. In the meantime, new artwork can be found on our online sketchbook, a collection of drawings, paintings and links to other McBacon-related stuff. We’ll keep trying to dig up some more old comic-con photos, too, you can see the Rudy McBacon crew mingling with other comic book artists, horror movie icons, various costumed weirdos and fellow comic book geeks. We’ve also still got our Cafe Press store going, if you’re in the market for a tasteless throw pillow.

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Rudy McBacon comic book art



Rudy McBacon sketchbook